Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Truthful Tuesday...

Rainy days. I love them, good for the soul, bad for the hair (at least as far as frizz is concerned). I went to work, was early, so I had time to eat my breakfast (which I grabbed on the way out of the door) and surf the web. It was a little relaxing, but made me wish that I would've stayed at home longer so that I could've spent more time with my family. (Although truthfully the only reason that I got to work early is because I was acting like I was Speed Racer or something.)
Lunch break: rush to Subway, rush to the meeting. Step on the scale...moment of truth "You're down 0.8 lbs." I lost! I lost! I'm a loser! It was such a good feeling. I know, a little less than a pound, but a loss is a loss.
I was having one of those "I feel yucky" days. I didn't feel pretty, I felt fat, and just blah. I'm sure everyone has had one of those days. I got up to the scale and the lady that was taking every one's weight said "You are so pretty.". It's just what I needed. My husband tells me that I'm pretty, but hearing it from someone who's not so close to you, it's different.
So, until next time God bless you and yours.

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