Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Truthful Tuesdays.

Today is all about the truth! Weight Watchers....the plan works and I LOVE it! I stepped on the scales and....(wait for it, wait for it.....) lost 1.4 lbs! I lost all of last weeks gain and then some! And yes!...0.2 still counts as "some". Just goes to show what I said/blogged/typed earlier. If you follow the plan it will work for you. I'm looking forward to a healthier me, and trying to get my family on board as well. I've been trying to sneak healthier things in when I can. Like the other night when we had spaghetti. I used whole grain noodles instead of what I usually use. I was fully expecting then to bite into it and tell me they wanted grilled cheese or something. Guess what?! They didn't even realize it! Success!!! I asked C if it tasted all right, he said that it was good. I have a recipe book that I bought recently called "Deceptively Delicious". It's all about how to sneak veggies and things into food. I'm going to try some of what's in it as soon as I get a steamer. Wish me luck! Until next time, God bless you and yours!

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