Monday, May 23, 2011

Manic Monday....

And boy has it ever been. It's been a crazy, (mostly) happy whirl-wind this morning. We had lost power late Thursday night/early Friday morning. (hang with me it ties in, I promise .....Anyways,) I have one of those alarm clocks that has a back up battery so when the power goes out I don't have to reset it. Right?! Wrong!
My alarm went off this morning and I was freaking out. I'm late! I'm late! Turns out, uh, no, I'm not. When it came back on with the time it was actually early. So, when I figured that out I stopped rushing around like a crazy woman.
Christopher got C-Bear up and out of bed for me. I know, I have an AMAZING husband, try not to be jealous. I picked out her clothes and she came up to me while I was doing my makeup and asked me to put her flowers in her hair.
I've decided that I really like this age. She's young enough that Mommy and Daddy are still cool people that she wants to hang out with, but old enough to have her own personality.
So, I've decided that I better get on with my day. Until next time, God bless you and yours.

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