Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Truthful Tuesday...

Truthful Tuesday, here we go. I've been actually following the Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan (say that three times, fast. lol), and imagine this....It worked! Crazy I know. (by the way, someone really needs to invent a sarcastic faunt).

I lost 1.8 lbs this week! Go me! It was great to be in that room full of positive energy. I just kept thinking of "Finding Nemo". You know the part when all of the fish are caught in the net and Nemo convinces all of the fish to swim down. "Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!".

Okay, now that I have that truth out of the way here's another truth: I've been royal wedding obsessed. It's just such a beautiful story. I DVR'ed the wedding and C-Bear and I watched while having a tea party. One of my favorite things to see, besides the obvious bride and groom....the hats (or fascinators). I want to go somewhere where I can dress up and wear one. I know, strange. But they are so different and expressive.

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