Saturday, November 19, 2011

App review.

As some of you may know I have an iPhone 4. I LOVE it by the way. Before this phone I had never really taken advantage of smart phones. Now I don't see how I managed without. I usually keep about $10 on an iTunes card for apps and what not, and since I have a child I've decided to review some apps that she likes.
I'll start with this one: It pretty much lives up to its description of "toddler's favorite puzzle". There are many in there that she can do. It's educational as well, there's on with the alphabet, shapes, colors, etc. The noise is a little annoying to some adults but thankfully that's adjustable.
The graphics are enough to keep her interested. They have bright colors and detailed pieces. The fairy puzzle is one of her favorites. This app is one that she asks for when I let her play with my phone. At $1.99 it's well worth it.
I'll review some other apps next time. So, until then God bless you and yours.

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