Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hello, it's me again...with a Subscription Box Review. PopSugar Must Have

 Hello out there in blog land. I know, it's been such a long time. I wanted to stop in and tell you how my life has changed. I have 2 beautiful children, a girl and a boy. I have a new career and a new home.
  So first thing first. I'm going to use this blog as a platform to start doing some reviews (among other things). First review is.....(drum roll please).....

The PopSugar Must Have Box.

  This is one of my favorite subscription boxes because it comes with a variety of things, and February's box did not disappoint. The box contained:
  The Tilo Heart Print Scarf:
This is an exclusive design for PopSugar, it's a silk blend and very large. I love scarves and this one is no exception. It's super soft and light weight. I'd say it was more of a spring/summer scarf than a winter one. The colors are neutral enough to go with most outfits, but if you want something colorful I would go elsewhere. The suggested retail for this is $125.00. I'm glad it came in this box, because to me it's cute....but not $125.00 cute.
  The Beautycounter Nourishing Cleansing Balm:
This is probably one of the best smelling cleansers I've used. It even came with it's own little cleansing cloths! This stuff is pretty good and might become a repeat buy for me it took off all of my makeup, even my mascara and eye liner! I have really dry skin and it left it feeling ultra hydrated. So far it hasn't caused any breakouts either, which is something because my skin is really dry, and acne-prone. The suggested retail on this is $50.00, if you were to ask me now I'd say it was a repeat buy, but I've only used it a few only time will tell for sure.
  JewelryStorm Endless Arrow Ring:
It describes it as a "dainty ring", and yes, yes it is. I like it, don't get me wrong, but I'm grateful that i have small fingers. It fits on my ring finger, but just barely. I'm sure that it can probably be pulled apart so that the fit can be adjusted, but when I tired I didn't have much luck. The suggested retail of this is $28.00. I would have bought it if I would have seen it at a store, so I'd say it was a good thing to include.
  Fringe Studio Hello Beautiful Square Tray:
I really like this. I do have to admit it's not something I would have bought for myself, although I probably would have gravitated towards it i a store. It's a little thin/lightweight but surprisingly solid (my son dropped it on out laminate floor and it didn't shatter). The suggested retail is $14.00.
  Victoria secrets Coconut Milk Hydrating Body Lotion, Sport Socks, and $20.00 Gift Card:
All of these are a win. The lotion smells amazing, and is not too thick, and soaked right into my thirsty skin. The socks seemed nice and cushy but were HUGE on my size 7.5 feet. And the gift card...YYAAAASSS! The suggested retail of the lotion is $18.00, worth it!
  Foodstirs Heart Cookie Mix:
This company was cofounded by Sarah Michelle Gellar....Buffy!!! It's free of artificial ingredients, GMOs, and preservatives. It comes with heart cookie cutters (is it wrong that I want to put a little chocolate stake in it?) I love that they included this because I love to bake, and I it gives me an excuse to bake with my children....subscription box with built in family time! suggested retail of this is $12.95. This may be a once in awhile treat for me, I can't see spending $13.00 on cookies all the time since I usually make mine by scratch.

If you're interested in subscribing use this link:

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