Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday...

In this world I have many blessings. Here are a few of the blessings in my life:

1.) My husband, daughter, me and some friends of ours all got to get together at the lake and had an awesome time. (And only 1/3 of this house hold got sun burned....and it wasn't me or the baby!...Poor daddy/hubby.)

2.) I have found someone to watch Claire this week while my regular day care person is on vacation. Not only that, but she comes to my house! That means that I don't have to get up early to get Claire Bear around!

3.) I don't have to cook Saturday! My father in law has realized that he hasn't seen his grand-baby since April so he offered to cook for us. He offered to do it over at our house if we wanted, but we figured (or rather Christopher did) that we would make the trip.

4.) I'm getting caught up on laundry from this weekend. Lame, I know. But now we have clean clothes to wear.

5.) Claire used the potty today!

Oh, by the way, here's your daily dose of Claire....feel free to say your ooohhhhs and aaaawwwwwws.

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