Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TV Tuesday

Meet my new obsession. I know, I know. I'm a full grown woman in my mid-twenties and I'm quickly becoming addicted to a teenie-bopper show. Sad, but it's the little things that bring happiness....right?...right?!...RIGHT?!
Quick update on the potty training front, we've had good and bad days. Usually when she wakes up in the morning we can get her to go potty before we leave for the day and then again when she comes home from day care. Not today. She was not having it.
Christopher woke her up for me and she was not happy, she would cry, and whine. I got her to sit on the potty, and gave her her potty books. 99% of the time she's happy/excited to get a book and pretend to read it. Not today, she cried and fussed and just was not happy at all. Then when she got home she would sit on the potty, but not actually go. Oh well, it's a journey.
So I will close with the loves of my life. God has truly blessed me.
You can't tell that she's a Daddy's Girl can you? hehe.

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