Monday, June 28, 2010

They Say You can Never Come Back Home...

They lied. Christopher, Claire, my grandma and I all drove to Corpus Christi to go to my sisters wedding. What a trip it was. We had some good times, like stopping at the Czech Stop, and Claire starting to tell me that she had to potty...only if I asked, but you have to start somewhere. And some bad times, like when Claire peed through her diaper and her car seat soaked it up (...YUCK!) or when I forgot to get myself a t-shirt as a souvenir.
The wedding was kind of scary. I was the matron of honor. I DO NOT (repeat, DO NOT) like standing up in front of people. Unless I have lines to recite or something like that I'm a total wreck. I'm just glad that the attention wasn't on me.
I had a chance to get some girl time in. I got my nails done with my sister. It has been such a long time since I've had that done. I just wish that they had used a better polish. My nails were gummy for 3 hours, even after sitting under those nail drying lights.
The first full day that we were out there my nephews, dad, step-mom, grandma, and sister went to the aquarium. It was a lot of fun, I even got to pet a sting-ray. I just wish that I could've gotten Claire to touch it, but she was short that if I would've put her over the water where the sting ray was I would've ended up dropping her. But she LOVED the turtles and the under water dolphin tank.
That night Christopher and I went to the ocean to watch the waves under the full moon. It was so beautiful. I love that I can just sit in silence with my husband and feel totally safe and at ease with him. Everyone should be so lucky as to marry their best friend.

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