Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Madness...

All right. Another Monday come and almost gone. But not before I watch the Bachlorette. I wasn't for sure how I felt about the choice of the bachelorette. I can tell you one thing though. There are some CRAZY dudes on there. Some of them I think deserve more camera time. Hopefully the ones chosen keep it interesting.
I was so ready to sit down and relax tonight. Claire is hitting her terrible two's early. She wouldn't eat tonight, and she was so fussy. One minutes she was just all giggles, the next it was the end of the world. I hope that tonight was just her being moody and that she's not getting sick or something like that. She was ready for bed tonight, that's for sure. She usually plays peek-a-boo while I'm turning off her CD player and putting away the books that I read to her before bed. Didn't do anything like that tonight. Usually I'm telling her to lay back down as I'm shutting the door.
Maybe I need to take a cue from my daughter and call it an early night. You know, I think that that's exactly what I'll do. Do until next time, God bless.

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