Thursday, February 25, 2010

100 Things About Me....

I'm a copy cat, I admit it. But I saw this idea on And I couldn't help but snatch it up. So here it goes:

1.) I wear a watch at all times. In fact if you see me out without one you can bet my wrist feels naked and I feel like I'm late/rushed.

2.) I am growing my hair out and it's finally getting long. Which means that I'm itching to cut it.

3.) I recently saw the movie "Twilight" and now I'm hooked. I want to read and own all of the books and see all of the movies!

4.) I love to cook as long as I don't feel rushed doing it.

5.) I love to use my crock-pot. A busy mom's best friend a lot of times.

6.) I love to bake.

7.) I'm always afraid that anytime that I make something for people to eat (no matter who it is) that they aren't going to like it. Even if I've tasted it and I KNOW that it tastes good.

8.) I'm secretly jealous (okay not so secret anymore) of all those Susie home-maker types who have spotless houses and get to stay home with the kiddos all day.

9.) I wish that I was a more artistic/creative/crafty type person.

10.) I LOVE tattoos and piercings.

11.) I have 2 tattoos and 2 piercings in each ear and want more. MORE! MORE! MORE!

12.) I want my voice to be heard, and if that means voting in political elections, or for my favorite person/couple on "So You Think You Can Dance" than so be it.

13.) People who don't vote in political type elections and then complain about the leaders of this country and how it's being run make me angry.

14.) I secretly like house work (as long as I'm not too tired and have time to do it). It's a big stress reliever for me.

15.) I LOVE coffee. Especially on the weekdays. My morning doesn't feel right without it.

16.) I don't like bugs. Lady bugs are all right and "cute" bugs like that. But otherwise, stay away from me bug.

17.) I want to plant a garden that looks good. I even have the flower bed to do it in my front yard, but I have what I call a "black thumb". If I never have to do anything to it, it'll survive. If I have to water it just so, or make sure that it has a certain amount of sunlight only, the plant's a goner.

18.) I want to grow my own fruits and vegetables. Again, black thumb.

19.) I love calenders.

20.) I love schedules.

21.) I bust out with song lyrics at random times.

22.) I also bust out a few movie quotes at random times.

23.) I LOVE shoes. If I had the money I would so be the next Carrie Bradshaw.

24.) I like to dance.

25.) I am an older sister (one little sister 3 years younger than I am).

26.) Even thought my sister can drive my husband up the wall I want her to move closer so I can see her and my nephews more often.

27.) I love to read. Let me bury my nose in a good book on a lazy day and I'm happy.

28.) Even if a book is horrible I HAVE TO finish it. What if it got good towards the end?

29.) I randomly bust out dance moves.

30.) I love sunglasses. It's hard for me to walk past a sunglasses stand/display without trying at least 2 pairs on.

31.) I love art.

32.) I could spend all day in a museum.

33.) I'm into archery.

34.) I have a ton of lotions at home. I buy them randomly even though I know that I don't need them.

35.) I keep "back up" bath products. Extra shampoo, conditioners, toothpaste, soap, etc.

36.) I feel better when my house is stalked with groceries.

37.) I like ink pens, especially if they're from different places of business.

38.) Yes, I am guilty of taking off with other peoples ink pens.

39.) I love my sleep.

40.) I've never, ever, dyed my hair.

41.) I am not a morning person, don't talk to me unless I talk to you, and it's probably better after I've had my coffee.

42.) Even though I'm not a morning person I prefer to get up and get things over with so that I can have the rest of my day to do things.

43.) I've never lived alone, but think that it would be all right if I had to.

44.) I married my high school sweet heart.

45.) My husband and I knew each other in preschool and then met again in high school. We didn't remember each other, but my mom had a photo of us together.

46.) Even though my husband and I have been together since 2001 he's only seen my mom a handful of's a long story.

47.) I try to have a positive outlook on things.

48.) I have horrible vision without my contacts or glasses. Seriously, -4 and -3.

49.) My hair won't hold a perm...really. I've tried twice, each time my hair was straight again within two hours.

50.) When I was a kid up until about age 10 my hair was blond.

51.) I like scary movies as long as I don't have to watch them alone or be home alone afterwards. And not too much blood.

52.) I don't like torture movies. Just don't like them.

53.) I love babies.

54.) I have the cutest/sweetest daughter. (I'm a little biased, but I don't care) Born 09/04/08

55.) I was married in Vegas 2006.

56.) I love Hobby Lobby and could probably spend a lot of money in there if given the chance.

57.) I always keep extra paper products on hand, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

58.) I carry around a Tide pen, I also have one at home, at work, and in my car.

59.) I am married to my best friend.

60.) I love hanging out with my friends and their kids.

61.) There are some friends that I broke ties with for some reason or another and wish that I hadn't.

62.) I love jewelry stores.

63.) I wish that I could go in a jewelry store and try on EVERYTHING, but probably not a good idea.

64.) I listen to NPR.

65.) I work with the public, but am not always in the mood to listen to the BS.

66.) I don't like white vehicles, don't know why, just don't.

67.) I like peace signs.

68.) I like to go into dollar stores and try to find cool stuff, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by my finds.

69.) If I'm shopping and I see something that I want but don't NEED I will pick it up and put it down. Yes, no, yes, no. And either try to talk myself out of wanting it, or try to reason with myself why I NEED it.

70.) I have allergies.

71.) I hate to take medicine unless I just absolutely have to.

72.) I'm the kind of person that will try to tough something out and taking something for it is like admitting defeat.

73.) I can be a smart ass.

74.) I love the water.

75.) I get sea sick if out on a boat for too long, not bad (to where I puke), but not fun either.

76.) I like home make over shows and wish that I had the money to do some of the things on there.

77.) I am opinionated.

78.) When you first meet me you probably think that I'm quiet.

79.) I'm not quiet.

80.) When in high school and junior high I had more friends that were guys than I did friends that were girls.

81.) I wish that I could sew.

82.) I am a chronic list maker.

83.) I can't really spell all that well.

84.) Spell Check is my friend. :)

85.) I used to work at a call center and would answer the phone and speak in a fake thick Southern accent to the customer.

86.) When food is past the expiration date on the label I throw it away.

87.) It pisses my husband off when I throw away food that's past the expiration date because, "It's still good."

88.) I tend to cuss when I get angry and frustrated. Both, not one or the other, both.

89.) I like to try to give thoughtful gifts, either something that someone has wanted for a long time, or store bought with a personal touch.

90.) I like red wine.

91.) I like luxury bed sheets. I saved up for and bought 1000 thread count sheets after high school and now I'm hooked.

92.) I also like luxury bath products, bath pillows, bubble bath, bath salts, etc.

93.) I love lip glosses, chap sticks, and lip sticks.

94.) I hardly ever wear lipstick.

95.) My favorite colors (in no particular order...I can't decide which one that I like better) are purple and green.

96.) I don't like guns all that much.

97.) My husband wants me to be more comfortable with guns.

98.) I love the sound of Claire's cute!

99.) I am a Christian woman, I believe in God and Jesus Christ.

100.) My faith in God, family, and friends are the most important things to me in the whole world.

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