Monday, February 22, 2010

Be Thankful:

It's so easy to get down in this world. It's easier to see the negative than it is to look for the positive. It's Monday, I HATE Monday's. So today, instead of whining about it I'm going to find positive things to think about.

1.) I have a job. A lot of people in this economy can not say the same. Not only do I have a job, but I have a job where I don't have to be out in the cold, and I get to work with people. (Referring to the pleasant people with that statement.)

2.) I have a family that loves me. I thank God everyday for blessing me with the husband that I have and our beautiful daughter. Also my sister and parents. I am truly blessed to have my family in my life.

3.) I have awesome friends. As proven again Friday. I got to go out with two really good friends and had an awesome time. They are people who love me for who I am.

4.) I have a house that truly feels like home. I can't wait to go home when 5 rolls around, I feel comfortable there, and loved. Even if I don't have the cleanest house on the block it's ours. It's filled with the sounds and smells and memories of love.

5.) I have the love of my savior. Jesus died for us on the cross. With that knowledge I know that I can get through anything. There is never a time where he is not present. His love is everywhere, and he has a plan for all of us.

There it is, some of the things that I am blessed with. The post would never end if I listed all of them. So until next time, God bless.

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