Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Day in My life.

I was bad last night. I promised myself that I would read the bible form cover to cover by the end of the year. In my bible there is a guide that breaks it up day by day so that you end in 1 year.
Well, after trying (unsuccessfully) to get Claire to help with her Daddy's Valentines day project (I needed her hand print), giving her a bath and then putting her to bed. I tried to make hair bows for her (again, not successfully) I was just too stinking tired to read as well.
I need to be more disciplined I guess. I just want to do so much. Oh! And I've decided that I need more hours in the day.
On another note I get a night off tonight....well....sort of. I'm going to a Pat Green concert with my husband and some friends. I'm so excited, I get to get dressed up and may even have an adult drink or two (*gasp*). I'll give details of how the night goes when I get a chance. Until then God bless and take care.

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