Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Got Back!

Okay, so I got to work today and decided; "Today should be the first official day of me not drinking any soda.". I've been wanting to cut back for awhile now. I figure none during the week, and then 1 a day on Fridays and Saturdays.
I walked (backwards) for 10 minutes at break (I was told that walking backwards works different muscles....I have to agree, I felt the burn). And had a salad and a baked potato for lunch. I figure that that's a good start to my health kick. Hopefully that "kick" will become more of a lifestyle.
This train of thought actually started last night. Right after I had 5 spoonfuls of dirt cake. (Not a big chocolate fan,..I know, call me crazy.) I went to get dressed for bed and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I did not like what I saw. I'm not too bad off, but I have been better. Then I got to thinking about my clothes. My work shirts are starting to get tight, along with my pants.
So, the quest has begun. I'm trying to think of ways to have a healthier, lighter me. I'm going to try to join Weight watchers (I have to check out meetings and what not first). I also need to go to bed earlier so that I can drag my bigger (hopefully not for long though) butt out of bed and exercise. A coworker and I were also going to start (once it warms up) walking in the park on lunch break.
With all these changes that I'm trying to make hopefully I'll have a good enough support team that I can stick with it. My coworker who sits behind me has decided that she wants to lose weight as well (although cigarettes are part of her plan...yeck!). The woman who sits to my left is getting married on 10/10/10 (Yeah Tammi!) so she's decided that she is going to lose weight as well. I think that between the 3 of us we should be able to keep each other on track. goes nothing.
Until next time, God bless.

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  1. Walking backwards, hmm.

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