Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! i hope everyone has had an awesome day. Today was perfect for me. I got to sleep late and be lazy. I didn't have to cook or anything. Like I said....awesome day!
Yesterday was spent in Enid, I bought my outfit for the Gretchen Wilson concert coming up at Tumbleweed's on Friday March 5th. (So EXCITED!) I bought some Tommy Lama boots, and a plaid shirt and some hoop earrings that reminded me of what I've seen Gretchen Wilson wear. In other wards; I'm going to "Cowgirl up".
I am so proud of the reactions that I got with the dirt cake and fake flowers in the pots with Claire Bear's hand/feet prints. No one had ever heard of dirt cake before so I had to explain to everybody that you can eat them. My father-in-law thought that I was crazy until I took a bite. Let me tell you I got a strange look.
Until next time God bless.


  1. Hey girl! Stumbled onto your blog. We seem to have archery in common! Do you shoot anywhere?

  2. I gave you an award, stop by to get it! Thanks!