Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Buh-Bye Fatty...

Okay. Dealing with a sick kiddo for the last three days has been crazy on my eating this week. Either I've been eating everything in site, or not at all. And I haven't been tracking my food at all these last 4 days. I figured that since I had my weekly points allowance I had some give.
Well...it turns out that I was right. I had to take Claire with me to my Weight Watchers meeting. Her fever had broke, and I figured we'd go in I'd get weighed and we'd sit for 5-10 minutes tops and then high-tail it out of there.
We got there, and I was trying to get everything situated, I got my things that I needed out and was getting Claire's things settled (I even put her name one of the Weight Watchers name tags). Then it was my turn to step on the scales.
The moment of truth was upon me. I was trying so hard not to hold my breath. 154...I had to do a double take. "You mean I actually LOST weight?!" I guess all that running around the house trying to keep it clean, entertain Claire, and tend to her needs has done me some good. So to subway and then home we went for some family time.
I'm just ready for Claire to feel better. She's had a runny nose and a bad cough since Saturday night. I took her to the doctor on Sunday and was told that it's a virus and needs to run its course. I've had to call in the last two days to take care of her and now I think that I've caught whatever it is that she has. Yuck!
My poor baby. She's acting like she feeling better though, so that's good. She had half of a little pizza from Subway, which means that she's getting her appetite back. (I know pizza isn't the healthiest thing but it's something that I know that she eats and eats well.) Hopefully she'll continue to get better. Until next time, God bless.

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