Thursday, March 25, 2010

Technology Addiction.

I admit it. I'm addicted. Hello my name is Misty and I'm addicted to technology. Yesterday when I got home we had pizza. You have to love pizza night, no cooking for me! Anyways, we had an early dinner because everyone was "STARVING". We put Claire to bed a little earlier than usual since she was being a little grump. You could tell she was tired, but she was fighting it. Sleep finally won over the little girl.
So Chris and I got some adult time in before he had to get ready for work. All of a sudden he turned to me and said "I bet that you can't stay off of the computer tonight." I'll take that bet and prove him wrong, so I told him "You're on". Turns out, he was right. Sad, I know.
I was sitting down, relaxing watching TV and cleaning the house on commercial breaks. Should have been perfectly happy with that, but I wasn't. I kept on glancing at the laptop. "Just for a minute" I told myself. Who was I kidding?
I stayed on the computer off and on until I got ready for bed. I texted Chris telling him of my defeat. What's wrong with me that I can't stay off of that thing for 24 hours?! Then I got to thinking, I would get so much more done if I just shut some technology out of my life for 24 hours.
So here's my challenge; This Saturday I'm going to try to go without the television, or computer all day. I'm going to see how much I actually can get accomplished without those things to distract me. I'm still going to have my cell phone but will only use it for calls made to me, or replies to text messages. I'm also still going to have the radio and/or CD player. (I'm the kind of person that can't stand it being too quiet if I'm trying to work.) But other than that I'm going to try not to turn on the TV or computer. Wish me luck. Until next time, God bless.

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